have all the equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively

Since 15 December 2012, the KB Seeder (KB Engineering, Deniliquin) is available. Direct Seeding is the most cost effective method to revegetate large areas.

Steve, Manager

Nissan Patrol 2004 big enough to pull the trailer
Rollover image: Steve, Manager

'The Bush Tiger'

"The Bush Tiger" Grass Seed Harvester: 100% completed and ready for work. Built with grant from CMA Inverell 2009

Navara Twincab takes the planting team to your site

Rollover image: Custom built water tanker for watering and maintenance

FieldsTS Cultivator

Field's Cultivator with trailer

High pressure water

Planting Gear:
1. Spray
2. Poti putki
3. bamboo stakes
4. 40 cell hiko tray
5. Plastic sleeve placed over...
6. 3 bamboo stakes and recycled cardboard weedmat
7. Seedling tray hip belt

Rollover image: Our environmental policy ensures we do not spread weeds from property to property. All vehicles and equipment are cleaned using high pressure water.

Seed Cleaner built by Steve 2009 (CMA grant)

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