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Site Preparation for successful tree planting- FAQ

1. What is site preparation?

To ensure a high percentage strike rate, seedlings require a high level of site preparation. High level of preparationThis will initially require deep ripping followed by cultivation to produce a fine tilthe. The level of preparation on the site will have a direct bearing on success, ease of maintenance, growth rate and cost of establishment.

2. What are the steps in site preparation?
Good example of site preparation

Ideally, site preparation should begin 8-12 months prior to planting, beginning with herbicide (Roundup) to remove grass and weeds. This is followed up with deep ripping, 500mm plus and a minimum of 2 (preferably 3) deep rips/row.The site would then be deep cultivated with a chisel plough, and maintained in a weed free condition until planting.

If the preparation time is a problem, the process can be shortcut by using a rotary hoe to produce the fine tilthe necessary, although this will deplete the moisture in the soil.

Steps in site preparation


Field's Mounder (go devil) is available for hire. This is a new and improved mounder with a deep ripper attachment. It assists in the rapid establishment of farm trees and reduces the time needed for maintenance.

Field's Mounder (go devil)

3. How do I get ready to Plant?

You can find month by month steps in our Planting Planner
and Maintenance Planner

4. When to order plants? Species Order Form

Spring delivery orders should be placed by early January.
Autumn delivery order should be placed by September.

5. Why Hiko grown seedlings?

We have chosen the HIKO as our means of propagation because they consistantly produce strong seedlings with a vigorous root mass that is air pruned and root trained. HIKO grown stock suffer almost no transplant shock, establishing themselves into the landscape quickly.

root ball of hiko seedling

HIKO grown plants are easy and cost effective to transport.
The combination of HIKO seedlings and the years of experience and technique developed at Field's Native Nursery means "no fuss, cost effective plant establishment".
Stock is grown especially to fill your order, you will receive them in prime condition, with an actively growing root mass which has been air pruned and root trained to provide a seedling that can be planted quickly and suffer almost no transplant shock.

Because we grow and supply this style of seedling we are able to supply and plant at an extremely competitive price.

6. What are Hikos?

Hiko refers to the style of tray the seedlings are grown in. It is a tray of 40 seedlings, each with a root volume of 93 ml, they are air pruned and easy to maintain and with the correct equipment, a planting tool designed to place them in the ground quickly and safely thus ensuring a high survival rate. 90% - 95% is normal.

7. Do you plant other nurseries' plants?

Yes, we provide our service to many customers who purchase seedling stock elsewhere.
We also provide our growing and contract planting services to other nurseries.


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