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Grass Seed Harvesting Machine

This is a grass seed harvesting collection and Seed cleaning Service

available for landholders, State/Local councils, mining corporations.

The Project was sponsored by a federally funded BRG-CMA Grant.

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This Vacuum Grass Seed Harvester, developed to collect a broad range of native types.

Seed Cleaning equipment was also designed to clean the seed
from the florets to make them suitable for use in seed drills.

The 'The Bush Tiger' Grass Seed Harvester is now 100% complete for purposes of collecting commercial quantities of native grass seed. Steve commenced the customised manufacture of the equipment in early July 2009.

The main Collector was originally 1770 wide with 400mm brush, Hydraulic drive at RH end which operates at various speeds and 2 directional. It has a 9HP hydraulic pump to drive the brush.

As of January 2011 modification was required. The main collector is now 1000mm wide


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